Whether an NGO raising money, a company looking for evidence-based research into the economy or a particular sector, an event looking to push out information, a political candidate looking to judge the mood of the public or a private business seeking to engage more clients - there is a clear need for unfiltered research and the suite of technology required to execute it. Let us a shine a light into the dark for you. 


Most people remember receiving 'that phone call' from then PM John Howard in 2004, or 'that phone call' from Kevin Rudd in 2007.... even in 2018. That is the power of an effective robocall! Whether you are promoting an event, a political candidate or selling a message - this is the technology for you. 

We are proud to have delivered the Bob Katter robocalls of 2017... and we can deliver for you as well!

Robocalls are effective when you integrate social marketing and technology into your message.  This was the approach of Gravis Insights Australia when we introduced our revolutionary political robocall service; engineered to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of this communication platform.

From the grassroots local level to much larger scales, Gravis Insights Australia works with political campaigns, non-profits, businesses and more to help them communicate their messages through use of the our robocalling software. We've used our experience to create a political robocall platform designed for multiple party applications that are designed to deliver high-impact political messaging through a very affordable communication medium.

When you use the Gravis Insights Australia automated call system, you’ll find the lowest guaranteed prices without compromising message quality. Our automated phone call services allow you to reach 1000’s of voters per minute. You can record and send your customised voice message to thousands of phone numbers, send voter notifications with robocalls and even via text messaging and email communication.


Call centre based phone surveys are onerous to set up, require larger start up costs and have reduced coverage. By automating this process with robo-polling, we can use it to bring the costs down to a level whereby community groups, political candidates and NGO service providers can use the technology for everything from judging customer satisfaction through to support for particular issues. 

We will then (if required) bring the polling back with age and gender weighting to ensure the most accurate result to base your actions from.

Our customised market research solutions have guided strategy, increased exposure, and provided insight for business clients, community based clients and  political campaigns. We tailor our strategy, methodology and execution on a client-by-client basis. We have developed our polling software and market research systems specifically for teams to understand. We understand exactly what you need to get the job done and supply you with the proper tools to achieve success.

Patch calls

The ability to use automatic phone surveys which link to real voices in a call center are a fantastic way to reach out to new audiences in a 'triaged' manner which allows for call center workers to received calls in such a way which don't overload the center and create long wait times to speak to real people. This is excellent for NGOs who are looking to boost club renewals, host tele-fundraisers and host interactive surveys.

Furthermore, the use of this technology allows clients to facilitate multiple functions that can be handled with one call to boost customer satisfaction and encourage future interactions with the technology.

  • Non Profits

  • Schools

  • Political Campaigns

  • Corporations & Small Business

  • Customer Services & Call Centres