"Send lawyers, guns and money" - Warren Zevon.

At GIA we realise that all components of the human condition exist in all organisations. 

Foreign investment reviews, public relations scandals, boardroom impasses, shareholder activism or even simple risks in a supply chain - the inability of any entity to identify the fundamental constants in a problem immediately disqualifies their ability to develop a solution. 

We are the solution. 

We have performed in the world of management consulting long before it was fashionable and most certainly before anyone had heard of 'Marty Kaan' or 'House of Lies'.

We are equally well-versed in the boardroom or in the backroom and we provide a complete service that takes into account both brutal logic and the sometimes unpredictable reality of human nature. 

We are best placed to minimise risk, protect your reputation and communicate your message to compete in a brave new world of 24/7 real-time media. We bring together best-practice methodologies of risk management and the tools of quantitative/qualitative research to empower strategic planning and brand relations for a complete solution.

Our unique crisis simulation service ensures that with comprehensive strategic planning and communications you avoid the PR traps that can bring a crisis to your front door. We have all of the tools and resources to formulate the effective strategies required to manage risk and sensitive issues. 


One of our more popular services is the GravisSim program, which is a challenging crisis simulation and training exercise that can be tailored for any organisation.

Think of it as kind of like reality TV on steroids!

Utilising our unique 'chain-of-counsel machinery' that simulates a reality-based crisis or issue management simulation exercise, we've successfully and comprehensively assisted many organisations with their crisis management plans. 

GravisSim can be accessed both as a real-time or retrospective solution.


Minimising risk and maximising positivity is both an external and internal challenge for any organisation. We can help build trust, strengthen relationships and deliver solutions - both internally and externally - whilst aligning your brand and reputation, all into a cohesive entity.

We believe in empowering our clients to ensure that they are given the capacity to manage complex and unpredictable occurrences. We provide the tools to minimise the adverse impact of potential dangers to protect people, critical business interests and assets.

Our management consultants have advised on global mergers and acquisitions, worked for and with the 'Big Four', and have provided counsel through internationally spotlighted crises. 

Our communication advisers have a decade of experience across TV, Radio, Print and new media. 

We also have more than 20 years of political and community experience combined with the tools for quality research and media management - get in touch with the team today to discuss the needs of your business or brand!