Did you know that it is estimated that nearly 75% of  consumers now consider smart phones and tablets as their primary sources of communication?

We have fundamentally changed the way that we engage with the world. Through technological advances, we have changed the way that we interact with each other, the way we consume goods and services and the way we form opinions about the issues that matter. This means that those seeking to engage in either a commercial sense or a government/political sense need quality digital channels to engage potential clients or voters.

Today, the internet and non-traditional media is one of the primary ways voters seek information about political candidates and the issues that impact their lives. They are connected 24/7. Whether operating from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, turning to the web has become a natural and instant response when seeking information. This makes a digital presence that provides a clear message to consumers or voters an essential marketing tool for campaigns both large and small. With hundreds of millions of sites on the web, just having a website is not enough.

By utilising the full potential of digital multi-channel marketing the following can be achieved:

  • Broadcast your outreach to a wider audience and perform a digital integration with market research.
  • Send simple automated surveys through Smartphone texts, which consumers can respond to with a quick push of a button.
  • Delivery of information campaigns for consumers, clients and/or voters.
  • Connect with consumers and votes on a personal basis and capture technically savvy consumers that never pay attention to printed materials.
  • Conduct e-commerce and other digital transactions efficiently and easily

Whether its the design and construction of new websites or social media channels or just website copy/digital media for existing websites/social media channels, the Gravis Insights Australia marketing team provides the solution for you.

Predictive Dialing Solution

The hosted predictive dialer is predictive dialing software, enabling call centers or political campaign volunteers to reach up to 300% more callers.  The  predictive dialing system uses a computer-based algorithm that automatically dials your telephone numbers and then connects those live answered calls to your available representatives.

Instead of using a traditional hand-dialed phone, the only hardware needed for the Gravis hosted dialer. The software screens out those unwanted calls such as answering machines and unanswered calls so productivity increases dramatically and your volunteers/agents are able to reach more people and deliver your message with more precision.

Gravis can also provide you with an easy to use laptop with the hosted VOIP dialer software and headphones as a turnkey solution.

  • Speak up to 300% more people using the hosted predictive dialer.
  • No dialing, no busy signals, no answering or fax machines.
  • Hosted predictive dialer has fast and easy setup with no special hardware needed.  Only a headset, a computer and internet connection is needed.
  • Unlimited calling. No need to purchase extra minutes
  • Manage your lists efficiently
  • Hosted predictive dialer is perfect for large numbers of phone calls, surveys, fundraising, etc.
  • Hosted Outbound dialer eliminates the need to purchase expensive phone systems.
  • Custom dispositions to fit your needs
  • Hosted predictive dialer collect information, such as emails, surveys results and polling data, with easy downloads.
  • Receive inbound calls on the Gravis Hosted Predictive Dialer

The Gravis Phone can be used for:

  • Political Campaigns
  • Fundraising
  • Telemarketing
  • Get Out the Vote
  • Lead generation, business to business sales, appointment scheduling, collecting payments
  • Marketing Research/Polling
  • Charities: RSVP for special events and fundraising
  • Schools and School Districts:  Alerts for closings and emergency notifications, PTA events
  • Service Desks and Customer Service
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Businesses or campaigns which you make many outbound calls  
  • Collections