Today Isentia released a new analysis of media disruption in the modern media age. It also goes beyond just media though. Just as the hotel industry has been hit by technological disruption with AirBnB, the taxi industry has been hit with disruption from Uber (who is also now taking on the courier industry with Uber Rush) bookstores have been hit by Amazon - the media has also been hit, but in a more diverse way. 

What this means is, jobs in the traditional media market are falling, social media is taking over and therefore, the old fashioned ways that the political, corporate and not for profit sectors present their views also needs to evolve. The way that Twitter and Facebook interact with the traditional media markets is still evolving but how we place new ideas in this space needs to evolve with it. 

If we talk politics (oooh!) this also presents a situation where politicians and candidates alike can place themselves on 'The Project' and immediately utilise a good social media platform to maximise that air appearance. 

Those NGOs who want to pitch for funding, as another example, will be better placed to do so if they can pierce non-traditional 'human interest' slots and make the NGO a mainstream story. 

Over the coming months, Gravis Insights has many projects coming down the line and we look forward to revealing all as time goes on.

It's a brave new world. We know this world!