Gravis Insights Australia is pleased to announce that we will be joining forcing with Cape York Sustainable Futures to deliver assistance with the strategy for the government interface plans required for CYSF to meet its strategic goals.

Currently Cape York Sustainable Futures are working to create real investment to create real jobs and small businesses in Cape York to better the lives of Indigenous people on the Cape. CYSF don't believe in the old fashioned welfare/hand-out mentality and are looking to cut out a new frontier for real economic growth in Cape York.

Cape York Sustainable Futures is the Business Enterprise Centre for Cape York. This means that they are in a position to not only offer impartial advice to prospective investors on investing in Cape York economic development but are also in a position to deliver projects like the Cape York Tourism Project.

With all of this amazing work already on the go - Gravis Insights Australia is proud to be a partner in developing this work further to ensure that Cape York Sustainable Futures can help meet their goals. 

To see their prospects on investing in Cape York go to:

To see the Tourism Cape York site, go to: