The Advance Queensland Young Starters Program aims to help young Queenslanders to develop and pitch their great ideas to the world.

There are two components to this program:

  1. The Young Starters Fund is now open and will provide funding up to $20,000 to eligible organisations to deliver events and activities that build entrepreneurial and technology startup skills in young Queenslanders, aged 15–24.
  2. The annual Young Starters Competition (to be opened in 2016) will see young entrepreneurs pitching their ideas at a regional and then state level, to win prizes including a place in an accelerator program.


To be eligible for the Young Starters Fund, your activity must:

  • be conducted on a not-for-profit basis and demonstrate broad benefit for the Queensland startup community
  • align with the Advance Queensland principles
  • cover one or more of the following:
  • improve capability and capacity
  • access to capital
  • collaboration, building networks and connectivity
  • access to markets
  • leadership
  • skills development
  • culture and promoting success.
  • Collaboration with other organisations will be favourably considered.