Following the landslide win of Labor which ended the CLP reign in control of the Northern Territory, the new cabinet has been sworn in. Under these ministerial arrangements, Deputy Chief Minister Hon Nicole Susan Manison MLA has been sworn in as the Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics. 

This makes her the Minister responsible for the Land Development Corporation. The Land Development Corporation is the Northern Territory Government’s strategic land developer -  operating within industrial, commercial and residential sectors across the Northern Territory. This is the entity which investors need to engage with in order to pursue investment opportunities in the Northern Territory. 

We believe that there are massive strategic advantages to new investment opportunities in the Northern Territory, including investment climate and proximity to key Asian markets. 

The Land Development Corporation is focussing on two main strategic projects at this time. One is the Titlemaine Marine Park and the other is the Tiwi Islands. 

The Tiwi Land Council is working with the Land Development Corporation to support economic development on the Tiwi Islands by providing the private sector with investment opportunities. There are a range of development opportunities available via long term leases. The Land Development Corporation is seeking expressions of interest for developments on the Tiwi Islands.

Long term leases of up to 99 years will be available to suitable investors. The leases will be established on a commercial basis with a fair market value for rent. There are a range of business models that may be suitable including private ownership and a joint venture with Tiwi people.

There are a range of opportunities available on the Tiwi Islands including: 

  • Tourism and Residential
  • Aquaculture
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial

A significant benefit to investors is the support that can be provided by the Land Development Corporation, including interaction with Traditional Owners, assistance with Government process and technical advice.

The Titlemaine Marine Park is strategically located on premium waterfront land in the East Arm Logistics Precinct, the 150 hectare Marine Industry Park will establish an integrated marine services precinct that supports the Defence, oil and gas, coastal barging and logistics sectors.

 Within easy reach of key transport nodes including the East Arm Wharf, Marine Supply Base and the AustralAsia Rail Freight Terminal the MIP will position Darwin as a prime location for marine maintenance and servicing facilities in the region.

 The Marine Industry Park will drive economic growth and attract significant business and investment to the Northern Territory through delivery of land suitable for a variety of industrial and marine uses. Key activities supported by the Marine Industry Park include:

  • common user area
  • multi-user barge ramp
  • marine maintenance area
  • marine services area
  • marine logistics area
  • strategic industrial land.

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