Here at Gravis Insights Australia we are proud to announce our new data and IT partnership with Ashutosh Raina and his team at Knowledge Partner Professionals to bring new and innovative products to the market to deliver better results for your campaign, business or NGO. 

This is a vital addition to our team's resources going forward into the future in order to ensure that our solutions are best customised to your needs and to ensure that we are continuing to push the envelope in terms of cutting edge IT solutions. 

Furthermore, as a business who believes in the future of the disruption economy, we know that the off the shelf IT solutions many firms are offering simply aren't good enough for 21st century business or 21st century politics. In the political space, most of the solutions on the market are American products made for the American political context. In other words, we have Australian political candidates and parties trying to implement data solutions that are meant for the US context that will always struggle to adapt. 

In business the need to move into the integrated, big data world is proving unquestionable and there are too many businesses who are seeing these solutions as too far out of reach and too unwieldy to manage. 

We are looking forward to submitting applications for the Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund and entering many beneficial partnerships into the future.

For all of your data and IT needs - please feel free to get in touch with the GIA team today for your free consultation.