Today Adani has announced that they have signed Indigenous Land Use Agreements with 300 Traditional Owners in the Wangan and Jagalingou group support Land Use Agreement with Adani. They join the other three groups of the four affected native title groups who have now signed up in what was the biggest authorisation meeting for these traditional owners.

Today's clear decision follows earlier determinations by traditional owners spanning the length of the company's mine, rail and port projects - the Birriah, Juru and Jangga traditional owners - to work with Adani in building sustainable and ongoing partnerships that see the benefits of these projects are shared by all in the broader community.

With the Queensland Government progressing the mining licenses and the consent of the traditional owners, this piece of investment which is so vital for the Central Queensland economies is finally moving ahead after the region has seen tremendous crashes in property prices and rising unemployment over recent times.

This has proven that the myth that you can not do business on native title land is simply untrue.

With the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) coming online, more native title lands being determined and with the Northern Australian White Paper seeking to deliver more native title claims quicker - now is the perfect time to look to bring investment into Northern Australia and on to native title lands.

If your business has plans for investment into this part of the world, the Gravis team has the expertise and the relationships to bring these opportunities to fruition.