Before you ask yourself whether you need a political campaign plan, you should ask yourself if you are serious about winning your election. If you are serious about winning your campaign, whether it is running for Local, State or Federal Government, you need a winning political campaign strategy.

The campaigns that fail to plan are planning to fail.

Your campaign plan is more than just a blueprint on how to run a political campaign or to describe what the role of a political campaign manager is.  Your campaign plan details every aspect of your path to electoral victory – from your budget and timeline to your target audience and message.

Planning is essential to winning.  You cannot get a business loan without a business plan.  You cannot build a bridge without an architect and engineer.  Winning campaigns require strategies that are developed by campaign managers and consultants.

Here are many facets to consider when developing a plan to run a successful campaign.  They include (but are not limited to):

  • Campaign budget
  • Campaign timeline
  • Opposition research
  • Assessment of each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluation of issues that matter in a political campaign
  • Voter identification and targeting
  • Grassroots organization and tactics
  • Media relations
  • Social media
  • Broadcast media
  • Digital media
  • Direct mail

Before you start planning your political campaign, or learn how to run for office, your first question to answer is “why am I running for office?”

Answering this question is central to building a winning political strategy.  The answer may change or evolve over time, but a candidate for office should always understand the reason for seeking election.

Most candidates for elected office begin by searching for answers to questions in the Internet such as “how to run a political campaign,” or “how to win a campaign.”  

Contacting the local electoral commission is the first step in determining what actions must be taken to appear on the ballot.

Running for office is more than figuring out how to become a candidate or putting up yard signs. The way to win a campaign is to plan every step of the way before you even begin.  

Once this has been accomplished, the campaign manager can develop the campaign organizational chart and determine what campaign staff jobs are required. Also, you may be asking yourself questions such as “What is a political consultant,” or “What are the duties of a campaign manager?”

Experienced consultants can guide you along the way when you decide to seek elected office.

Campaign consultants, and campaign managers, can develop a budget that maximizes the effect of every dollar spent.  Consultants are also skilled at developing target audiences and using data to help win your race.  Consultants also must stay on the cutting edge of campaign and election technology so that you have every opportunity to reach voters in whatever medium makes the most sense according to the plan.

A plan is not developed overnight.  Creating your campaign plan requires careful preparation and examination of your resources, issues, effective tactics, and identifying likely voters.

Gravis Insights Australia has many years of experience in helping candidates win votes and successfully win on election night.  The Gravis team can develop robust campaign plans for your race at any level from city council and school board to state legislature, countywide, statewide and federal campaigns.  Gravis Insights Australia can take your campaign to the next level and help you achieve victory.