Before Christmas, Multicultural Affairs Queensland has released Multicultural Projects Funding which closes on 3 February 2017. This means that groups that are intending to apply for this funding need to start getting their funding applications together. 

This round is not a round that is about double dipping from the events round that was decided just before Christmas. We were proud as GIA to get 5/7 applications submitted in that round received some level of funding. This funding is about projects that are going to meet the terms and conditions outlined in the MAQ funding paper (click here for the paper).

Multicultural projects, in alignment with the principles of the Multicultural Queensland Charter, will build community relationships to foster welcome, inclusion and participation of migrants and refugees in a range of activities across Queensland.

  • Community groups, including diverse cultural groups, community-based organisations, local councils and non-government incorporated organisations will develop practical strategies to:
  • promote community participation and intercultural connections among diverse cultural groups, and between diverse cultural groups and the wider community
  • engage general community groups (such as sporting groups, local clubs, school communities) in connecting and welcoming migrants and refugees into a wide range of community activities. 

If you would like our professional help in putting together your application, fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

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