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Celebrating Multicultural Queensland Grants Program

The Celebrating Multicultural Queensland Grants Program funds initiatives that celebrate and promote Queensland’s multicultural identity, increase community awareness of benefits of multiculturalism, foster community cohesion, and support equal access to opportunities by people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The grants program has an annual budget of $1 million. Funding is allocated to diverse multicultural events and projects across Queensland through 2 separate grants rounds annually:

The 2017-18 funding round for multicultural projects to be delivered from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019, is now open.

Under this funding round, total funding of $300,000 is available for projects with the maximum grant amount of up to $25,000 available.

Multicultural projects, in alignment with the principles of the Multicultural Queensland Charter, will build community relationships to:

  • Celebrate Welcome—engage general community groups (including community associations, service clubs, and sporting groups) in connecting and welcoming migrants and refugees into a wide range of community activities and/or
  • Building Opportunity—promote opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to participate and contribute to community projects; support communities to become more cohesive and resilient, and build their capacity to respond to local needs and/or
  • Celebrate Diversity—bring people together to celebrate our diversity and build a sense of welcome and belonging for all members of the community. 

Applications are encouraged from not-for-profit, incorporated organisations who have a registered Australian Business Number (ABN) which is not for a commercial entity or individual.

Applications are encouraged from community groups and organisations, community associations including service clubs and sporting groups, and local councils who partner with community groups.

Unincorporated organisations can seek agreement from a not-for-profit incorporated organisation to act as an auspice for the project.

BCC Building Stronger Communities Grants

The Brisbane City Council Building Stronger Communities Grants Program are grants that we believe at GIA are suitable to many community organisations that need some basic funding for building their organisations. 

There is up to $7500 for 'Organisational Development' which allows for groups to get funding for a variety of projects that will be good for organisations that are clients of GIA. For example: professional services to develop a strategic plan, conduct governance and committee training, undertake an organisational review and succession planning, and develop policies and procedures, marketing and membership development, deliver volunteer and coaching programs, conduct referee recruitment and education, website and database development.

So, if you are in the BCC area and you need funding for projects like this, get in touch with the GIA team and we will get your application rolling today!

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    IAS Community Led Programs Grants - open now!

    The revised IAS Grant Guidelines include a new Community Led grants process that will enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, communities and service providers to seek grant funding to address emerging needs and/or opportunities that they have identified as priorities.

    The local PM&C Regional Network office may invite applicants to provide a short initial proposal which outlines the project. Based on the information provided, the Department may then provide advice to the organisation.

    •Community Led Grants Initial Proposal Form -  PDF 115 KB

    The Department has prepared an Application Kit and an online Application Form to support this funding process:

    •Community Led Grants Application Kit - PDF 260 KB
    •Community Led Grants Application Form - PDF 705 KB

     .If you would like the GravisPolitics team to write these grants for your business or community organisation, please get in touch with the team and we will give you a quote. 

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