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The need for quality 'oppo'

The need for quality opposition research for entities tendering for government contracts, engaging in new markets and analysing competitors and those going into politics. 

Opposition Research (or oppo as its known); is the formal practice of gathering information that can be used to beat your opposition. Knowing your opposition is critical to engaging in any government, business or political endeavour. In order to get the win you need, Gravis Risk is the solution.

Yes, the old adage is true, knowledge is power.. You can't trounce your recruiting, tendering or political enemy until you thoroughly know everything possible about how your enemy operates. 

There is a easy temptation to consider 'opposition research' as a straight mudslinging enterprise, however, the corporate and government concept is not a crude 'dirt gathering' exercise. Rather, not unlike your typical audit, it is a due diligence measure. Indeed, companies do 'competitor research' regularly as part of their standard business operations.

Simply put, information is the key to ensuring that you are planning to win. The process is quite standard for a political fight, an accurate merger/acquisition strategy or a successful tender.

This is also where counterintelligence to restrict your competitors from learning about your firm is also important. Whether it is shielding your Intellectual Property (IP), your recruiting methods, data programs, strategic or tendering direction. Our Gravis Risk counterintelligence solution uses cutting-edge methods to identify the information in an organisation that is valuable and where an organisation is vulnerable to attack. 

Competitive and business intelligence has become a critical function in all major corporations. But for many, the need to develop a process to formerly gather the intelligence has somehow been either forgotten or sidestepped by corporate leaders.

With experienced competitor researchers with global experience we stand ready to deliver on this vital component of any winning strategy.