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Social CRM

Social CRM is a relatively new business strategy that claims to improve the customer satisfaction with the company that embraces it, and the profitability of that company as well. These are two advantages that any business would strive to achieve. The title of the article begs the question: What is Social CRM? The most obvious starting point, when beginning to explain this business strategy, is to define the two individual elements of the phrasing of the strategy: social, and CRM,

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, except in French GRC –gestion de la relation clients. It is a business strategy that began as a philosophy that concentrated solely on improving all of the interactions between a business and each of their customers. It is a strategy that influences every department of a company, making it more streamline and creating a better experience for both the employees using the system and the customers interacting with the system, either via the website of the company or by talking to one of the employees of the company.

When used alongside CRM, ‘Social’ stands for the various platforms of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and some popular blog websites. These websites have really grown in popularity over recent years, and the combination of this popularity and the business expertise of CRM is one that is veritably successful.

To ensure one makes the best of social CRM they must be prepared to fully embrace it, and work with it treating it as a tool, and not the answer to all of the company’s problems to achieve the best results. CRM has been proven to work for a number of different companies that range from the very small and the large. Because of what CRM teaches improving the interaction between company and customer it is a necessity for every company.

The popularity and common usage of social media platforms, as stated, make it a perfect place for a company to reach out to customers. These are some of the reasons why, and one has to admit that they make quite a convincing argument when grouped together:

Social media is the cheapest way in which to speak to a customer. In some cases social media is even completely free of charge. This can only increase the profit of a company. This alone would not be enough for social CRM to be a beneficial addition. It must improve the customer service as well as saving the company money.

And it does improve the customer service. It offers the customer an alternative to the test of patience that is sometimes so true with the call centre experience, and it offers an alternative to the uncertainty of sending and then waiting for an email too. An interaction over a social media platform is more immediate than any other.

Marketing is improved. Businesses can gather important information regarding their customers and their potential customers. This involves learning how customers prefer to be addressed, realizing the amount of sales pressure a company should exert on a customer, and discovering which customers are more likely to purchase an item.

The virtues of innoculation

The old adage starts out “an ounce of prevention…”  The wisdom is thainoculation theory t a pound of cure, after exposure to a harmful element, is far more expensive and painful than the cost of dealing with the issue before it becomes harmful.

When Ben Franklin first imparted his advice, he did not limit it to medicine.  Far from it.  His statement is an analogy that is relevant in nearly every facet of life – including politics.

When deciding to run for office, candidates must be honest with themselves.  They must take stock of their shortcomings and their “youthful indiscretions.”  Candidates must take full account of their controversial decisions and votes.  They must inventory their own “derogatories” because any opponent with a scintilla of common sense will have their own catalog of your shortcomings with which they might attack.

Once a candidate knows his own points of weakness, he can evaluate which ones might be the most damaging in a campaign.  Of those damaging issues, a candidate can narrow down the ones that the opponent most likely knows.  Of those, which ones are best documented?  Of the issues left, which ones does the opponent have the moral high ground, meaning she does not have the same shortcomings?  Finally, a candidate must evaluate how much money the opponent likely has and how much of that budget they might be willing to spend on an attack.

A campaign should be able to identify the one or two issues most likely to be used in an attack.  Once this is known, creating a plan to mitigate or even prevent an attack is imperative.

In politics, this process is referred to as “inoculation”.  Inoculation can come in many forms, but the idea is that a campaign take control of an issue, and tell its own story, before the opponent decides to go on the attack.

Direct mail is an excellent venue to deliver an inoculation.  A campaign should be able to target the audience deemed most important in order to win a campaign.  A campaign can pinpoint, with amazing accuracy, the precise households that will be most receptive and impacted by an inoculation message.

As with television and the Internet, direct mail is a visual medium.  A campaign must be able to tell a story with powerful images, while using as few words as possible, to achieve its goals in direct mail.  If a candidate wishes to inoculate against a youthful indiscretion, for instance, using a photo of a youthful candidate while describing the “offense” is an effective way to contrast with a more mature candidate now.  Another critical element in an inoculation effort is to explain how the recovery from the youthful indiscretion makes the candidate a stronger, better choice than if the incident never occurred.

Another reason direct mail is an excellent medium to use is the fact that it is more difficult for an opponent to track.  When a campaign purchases television or radio, a public record exists that is available to the opposition.  The opponent will know the exact audience that the campaign is trying to reach, and that allows the opposition to mount a counterstrike.  With direct mail, the mailing list that a campaign uses is proprietary.  Unless the opponent is engaging in some level of unlawful espionage, the mail list is known only to the campaign manager and the mail house – both of whom have professional obligations of confidentiality and nondisclosure.

In some cases a campaign may want to increase the effectiveness of its inoculation message.  A corresponding digital campaign can be targeted to IP addresses associated with the mail list used for the inoculation direct mail piece.  This tactic ensures that the same households targeted for direct mail will also be targeted for the digital ad.  The digital ad can link to the candidate’s web site, social media, or another location that is designed to tell the same story in the direct mail.

The nature of inoculation means that a campaign is choosing to be proactive before the opposition wages an attack.  There is never a guarantee that an opponent will go on the attack.  However, a compelling case can be made to create an inoculation when the issue in question is one that will move voters.  The motivation towards inoculation becomes stronger if the issue is one that is available in public records.  Another factor to assist in the decision to create an inoculation message is the resources of the opposition.  By studying publicly available finance reports, a campaign can evaluate if the opponent has enough resources to issue a negative message.

Whether or not to issue an inoculation is a decision that a candidate should not make on his or her own.  Objective, experienced, and skilled consultants can help guide a campaign in tough situations such as these.  The professionals at Gravis Insights Australia are experienced and trained to handle the most difficult campaigns.  No matter what situation you are facing, Gravis has been there.  Gravis can help you tell your story, and Gravis can help you identify the exact audience for each story.

Email and Text Messaging Services

Did you know that it is estimated that nearly 75% of all registered voters now consider smart phones and tablets as their primary sources of communication. As such, many of today’s most successful campaigns are actively searching for affordable ways to integrate this fact into sharing their political message with potential voters.

This is where the digital marketing experts at Gravis Insights Australia take over to provide an affordable and highly customize solution for political email services and text messaging services.

The political email marketing services and text message services powered by Gravis Marketing are easy to use and affordable tools that any political campaign can use to reach their targeted voting segment. However, what is not commonly known is that political email marketing and text messaging services allow you to expand your political marketing dollar by connecting with a younger, non-traditional voter.

It has been argued that President Barack Obama won the 2008 & 2012 General Election through his campaigns activation of this type of political campaign marketing – which brought younger, non-traditional votes to the table.

With the political text messaging and email messaging programs offered by Gravis Insights Australia, your campaign can accomplish several key marketing goals including:

  1. Broadcast your outreach to a wider voting audience and perform valuable polling and market research.
  2. Send simple automated polls through Smartphone texts, which voters can respond to with a quick push of a button.
  3. Keep voters updated on campaign events, initiatives and results.
  4. Connect with votes on a personal basis and capture technically savvy voters that never pay attention to printed materials.

Today’s voter is savvy – and the campaigns that roll with technology and infuse all aspects of communication into their voter targeting efforts are the ones that often achieve success. Contact our team today to learn about our email marketing and text messaging services.


Call Blasting

Connecting with potential voters, customers and clients is always much more effective when you use phone blast services. In general, people become more at ease and trusting when there is a one-on-one connection. This is why Gravis Marketing offers targeted phone blast services that permit political campaigns, businesses, non-profit organizations and community groups to capture accurate data during their voice activated marketing efforts.

Gravis Marketing has pioneered the marketing industry in recent years with technical advancements that provide campaigns with effective tools, such as call blasting, and software to better reach their intended audience. However, as branding and public relations experts, we also comprehend the benefit of personal connection – which is why we’ve developed a voice broadcasting service that can be customized to enhance your marketing and research efforts.

Call Blasting with Gravis Marketing provides a political campaign, business, non-profit or any organization with several benefits including:

  • Effectively connect with your target on a personal level with a phone blast.
  • Affordably streamline your target marketing efforts with a voice phone blast.
  • Provides you with complete control to customize your message to evolving changes in the political, economic or social landscape.
  • Reaches both International and Domestic Audiences.
  • Integrates Gravis Marketing phone blast services to maximize your returns, convert leads into sales and capture accurate marketing data.

Gravis Marketing offers our clients a voice broadcasting call blasting platform designed to handle thousands of calls. We use voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP), which means your survey, poll, political campaign, or non-profit program can make more meaningful contacts in less time AND achieve greater results.

Personalize Options for Live Callers or Answering Machines.

People do NOT like cookie cutter messages. It’s even worse when your voice recording is stale, generic and non-interactive. This is why Gravis Insights Australia offers you the luxury of customizing personalized voice messaging for either live caller interaction or answering machines. When the call receiver answers their phone, they have the option to ‘Press 1″ for more information. This activates the multiple voice recording options. When a caller does not answer, the default answering machine recording is then activated.

  • Issue alerts, notifications and voter reminder messages.
  • Contact political or non-profit supports about upcoming fundraisers using a phone blast.
  • Raise awareness about political or social issues.
  • Reach ANY sized group inexpensively and more efficiently.

Manual dialing is expensive, labor intensive and time consuming. Our customized phone blasting services which can be easily activated through use of Gravis Insights Australia’s robocall service will accelerate your campaign connection programs forward to levels of success you expect to achieve. Contact our team today to learn more about the Gravis Insights Australia’s Voice Broadcasting call blasting services today.