SQW Application Details

One of the most common grants that our NGO clients are interested in applying for is the Skilling Queenslanders for Work grants. However, many of the grants that they have submitted have been rejected. These have been for many reasons (lack of targeting, an RTO that is too small or a budget that is too big and doesn't meet the departmental specifications).

These are not the easiest grants to prepare. Before you prepare your grant, please go through the following checklist.

After you have gone through this checklist, a GravisGovernment consultant will get in touch about your application.

Name *
Are you incorporated? *
Do you have a budget? *
Which category of funding will you be applying for? *
Does your budget fit the budget of the category you are applying for? *
Got a track record of delivering training programs? *
Has your RTO partner been a party to SQW applications before? *

If you can't answer some of these questions, we would recommend that you read the following links:

We would also recommend that you should read the spreadsheets of what was approved in the last round. We would recommend that you apply with an RTO that has been a successful party to applications in the past. From our point of view, SME RTOs struggle to be successful unless they are smaller RTOs in regional centres. 

Once you can fill in the form with information that will be required, we will be able to bring together the applications itself. However, we need you as the applicant to have the budgets and partnerships together before the application process begins. 

If you have any questions about how you should proceed, click below and send the team an email and a consultant will be in touch with you.